The Creator

RICH AHLERS  [ Founder & Creative Director ]

Rich comes by his New England affinity honestly; he spent his childhood in the archetypal shoreline towns of Guilford, Old Lyme, and Old Saybrook, and runs New England Foundry from a charming-as-hell barn on his property in Bethel, CT. His design chops are likewise on the level; he’s been drawing and painting since he was old enough to hold a pen or brush, and has 14 years of professional design experience under his belt.

He opened New England Foundry in January 2014 as a way to align his passion for artistic expression and the creative process with his passion for the New England aesthetic. He’s always preferred boating shoes to wingtips, and a waxed canvas jacket to a suit and tie. It’s just easier to get out on the water, or help a neighbor, or design a logo that way. If you are a suit-oriented individual, that’s no problem: Rich has spent more than a few years in sales and marketing, and cleans up nice.

That belt mentioned above, the one Rich keeps his design experience under, is often black, as he’s been an avid martial arts practitioner since he was seven. An unapologetic fan of the smell of twine, antiques, and salt air, he also enjoys photography, hiking, kayaking, skiing, and travel. His wife (Jen), daughter (Emilia) and dog (Charlie) are pretty rad too.