The Studio

New England is more than a geographic region, and it’s certainly more than a novel take on its namesake 3400 miles across the pond. It’s more than tight knit communities and similarly knit sweaters, more than rugged coasts and rolling fields, though those are an undeniable part of the charm. It’s an attitude, an aesthetic. It’s long days on the boat and easy nights by the fire. It’s civilization never far from the wilderness. It’s form and function in harmony. It’s rugged elegance that isn’t afraid to roll up its sleeves to help a neighbor, and since you’re asking, sure, a beer sounds good.

New England Foundry, a bespoke full service design and creative shop based in Bethel, CT, embodies this spirit. It echoes and amplifies it. It brings your vision to life in fresh and surprising ways, built on solid-as-granite principles of clean design and impeccable customer service.

Services include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Digital & print collateral
  • Logos and brand identity
  • Wedding invitations
  • Stationery and letterhead
  • Special Occasions & Announcements
  • Packaging and enclosures
  • Flyers and posters
  • Website design

New England Foundry has worked with organizations as massive as 21st Century Fox and as individual as your neighbor down the block. No matter the scale of your project or the size of your budget, your wants and needs fuel the creative process. Each project is a labor of love, and a collaboration…